Tedua – “The divine Comedy” [Album]

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Tedua -

Tedua – “The divine Comedy” [Album]

Title: Tedua’s “The Divine Comedy” Unveils a Melodic Odyssey

Step into an immersive musical universe as Italian artist Tedua takes us on an extraordinary voyage with his latest masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy.” This audacious album showcases Tedua’s profound artistry, weaving a rich tapestry of soundscapes that transcend conventional boundaries. With each track, Tedua flawlessly orchestrates a symphony of emotions, intertwining ethereal melodies with powerful beats, and thought-provoking lyrics that ignite the imagination.

From the celestial heights of the opening track to the pulsating depths of the closing note, this opus immerses listeners in a surreal dreamscape. “The Divine Comedy” is a testament to Tedua’s virtuosity as he ingeniously merges diverse sonic elements to create an otherworldly experience. Embark on this musical odyssey and allow Tedua to redefine your perception of artistry.

Tedua – “The divine Comedy” [Album] Tracklist

  1. Intro The Divine Comedy Lyrics
  2. Artificial Paradise (Ft. Baby Gang & Kid Yugi) Lyrics
  3. Badly Lyrics
  4. Hoe (Ft. Sfera Ebbasta) Lyrics
  5. Angelo All’Inferno (Ft. Federica Abbate & Salmo) Lyrics
  6. Affective Shortcomings (Ft. Geolier) Lyrics
  7. Red Light Lyrics
  8. Vernacular (Ft. Lazza) Lyrics
  9. Scala Di Milano (Ft. Gue) Lyrics
  10. Deluge In July (Ft. Marracash) Lyrics
  11. It will blow Lyrics
  12. The Truth (Ft. ​bnkr44) Lyrics
  13. Free Souls (Ft. Bresh & Rkomi) Lyrics
  14. Lo-fi For U Lyrics
  15. Luggage (Improvisation) Lyrics
  16. Outro Purgatorio Lyrics
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