Taylor Gang & Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Nights


Taylor Gang & Wiz Khalifa Taylor Nights Mixtape Download

Hip Hop craftsman Wiz Khalifa is doubtlessly in the state of mind of offering new music to his fans.

Over the recent months, he dropped a few new tunes — some of them showed up on the FUCC2020 mixtape while others he uncovered exclusively with recordings. The maryjane aficionado restores this week with another mixtape called Taylor Nights highlighting new tunes from himself just as other underwriters on the Taylor Gang list.

The names incorporates Juicy J, Chevy , Berner, , J.R. Donato, Young Deji and Sk8. Much the same as FUCC2020, this one also is introduced in one long mixtape timing at 1 hour 20 mins. You can transfer it here or through YouTube underneath.


1. Blaze One
2. Still
4. King Size
5. Destination
6. Bagpipe
7. Beautiful Thing
8. Hands UP
9. Mix
10. Girlfriends
11. Chicken With The Cheese
12. Keep Fighting
13. More Bitches Than The Mayor
14. Down To Slide
15. High Off Life
16. Take Things Slow
17. Whats That Sound
18. Dreams
19. Top 10
20. J.O.
21. Invasion
22. Up
23. Aint Shit Free
24. Stay
25. Sweet Sauce
26. Lost
27. Say You Will