Stunna Girl – Stunna This Stunna That


Stunna Girl makes a conventional presentation her new task, 20;Stunna This Stunna That.”

It’s been a long time since Stunna Girl circulated around the web with the arrival of “Runway” however she’s kept her foot on the neck of the rap game from that point forward. The NorCal rapper has been consistently climbing the positions with new singles since and now, she’s back with her first full assortment of work, Stunna This Stunna That. Trickling in demeanor and loot, Stunna Girl makes her essence felt off of the tear on “Still Smoke,” the main single from the undertaking that additionally fills in as track #1. It’s a 12-track project loaded up with bangers start to finish.

Look at it beneath.

  1. Still Smoke
  2. Ask About Me
  3. Fucking Up The Game
  4. Ride
  5. Unfuckwittable
  6. 10 Times
  7. Can’t Choose
  8. Catch Me At The Bank
  9. Two Tone
  10. Stunna This Stunna That
  11. No Real Bitches Left
  12. Where You Belong