Stixx – Test of Time (Album)

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Stixx – Test of Time (Album)
Stixx – Test of Time (Album)

Stixx – Test of Time (Album) MP3 FREE DOWNLOAD

Renowned music producer Stixx unveils his latest masterpiece, “Test of Time” – an album that transcends boundaries, promising a sonic journey like no other. With an impeccable blend of genres and innovative production, Stixx elevates the artistry of contemporary music. Each track within “Test of Time” intricately weaves tales of resilience and evolution, showcasing Stixx’s prowess in crafting emotive melodies. From soulful ballads to high-energy anthems, this album captures the essence of musical evolution. Prepare to be captivated by Stixx’s musical prowess and the enchanting narrative woven into each track.

Experience the musical odyssey and immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Test of Time” today!


  1. Stixx & Mzizi – 11:11 (Intro)
  2. Stixx – Tanzanian Prayer
  3. Stixx – Love Confession (feat. Mohau Sax, Nvcho & Reed)
  4. Stixx – Hello (feat. Nvcho & Mzizi)
  5. Stixx – Ndaba Zami (feat. Kelvin Momo, Baby S.O.N & Mathandos)
  6. Stixx – Isimilo (feat. Nanette & Reed)
  7. Stixx & Jay Sax – Cry of War
  8. Stixx & DBN Gogo – Ndikunikile (feat. Makhanj, Nia Pearl & Mzizi)
  9. Stixx – Maskandi Cry (feat. Mpho Spizzy)
  10. Stixx – Carribean 7 Colours (feat. Zwayetoven)
  11. Stixx – Malume (feat. Nvcho)
  12. Stixx – Autumn Leaves (feat. Xolani Guitars & Jay Sax)
  13. Stixx – Msamaria (feat. Baby S.O.N & Mzizi)
  14. Stixx – Test of Time (feat. Jay Sax & Zwayetoven)
  15. Stixx – Dlala Stixx (feat. Nvcho & Mathandos)


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