Skinnyfromthe9 – Love Me Now

Skinnyfromthe9 - Love Me Now

Skinnyfromthe9 discharges his featureless new collection ÜLove Me Now”.

New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 is as yet getting himself. The 25-year-old delivered his new collection Love Me Now this week, and it’s a pleasant mix of all that the rising craftsman can achieve in the studio. He can make a pop record, he can convey dirty bars, and he can blast out a R&;B track. Love Me Now includes a diverse blend of classifications however it’s feeling the loss of a great deal of personality.

Standing out as truly newsworthy for every one of some unacceptable reasons throughout the term, Skinnyfromthe9 discharges his new collection today to show the world what he’s the issue here. His music ranges among styles, and it feels now and again that even Skinny doesn’t have a clue where he lies. The collection begins with a R&B melody and circles back to a pop record prior to integrating with a portion of his hip-bounce cuts.

One thing is without a doubt: Skinnyfromthe9 won’t be judged. Tune in to his new music underneath.


1. Far
2. Exciting
3. Butterflies
4. Bust It Down
5. Groupies
6. Remember Me
7. Bad
8. Me
9. Truth
10. Love Is Fake
11. Important