Sam Smith – “Love Goes” [Album]

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Sam Smith -

Sam Smith – “Love Goes” [Album]

Sam Smith Unleashes a Captivating Melodic Journey with “Love Goes” [Album] Tracklist

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary symphonic expedition as the sensational Sam Smith enchants listeners with their highly anticipated masterpiece, “Love Goes.” Delight in a harmonious fusion of enchanting melodies, heartrending ballads, and infectious beats that will stir your soul. With each track, Smith orchestrates a spellbinding narrative, seamlessly intertwining profound emotion and captivating storytelling. Immerse yourself in the euphoric sonic tapestry crafted by this musical virtuoso, as they effortlessly traverse genres and push the boundaries of creativity. Unveiling a kaleidoscope of soulful notes, “Love Goes” is a resplendent opus that will leave you awestruck. Experience the euphoria now by downloading the transformative opus below.

Download the mesmerizing melodies of “Love Goes” now and let the music take you on an unforgettable voyage.

Sam Smith – “Love Goes” [Album] Tracklist

Sam Smith (12) Young 2:32
Sam Smith (12) Diamonds 3:32
Sam Smith (12) Another One 3:08
Sam Smith (12) Ft. Burna Boy My Oasis 2:59
Sam Smith (12) So Serious 2:51
Sam Smith (12) Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else) 3:43
Sam Smith (12) For The Lover That I Lost 2:57
Sam Smith (12) Breaking Hearts 2:42
Sam Smith (12) Forgive Myself 3:40
Sam Smith (12) Ft. Labrinth Love Goes 4:44
Sam Smith (12) Kids Again 3:28
Bonus Tracks
Sam Smith (12) With Normani Dancing With A Stranger 2:52
Sam Smith (12) How Do You Sleep? 3:22
Sam Smith (12) To Die For 3:14
Sam Smith (12) With Demi Lovato I’m Ready 3:20
Sam Smith (12) Fire On Fire 4:07
Sam Smith (12) With Calvin Harris Promises 3:35
Sam Smith (12) Sober 3:10
Sam Smith (12) Laurel Canyon 3:28

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