Papoose – February

Papoose - February

Papoose offers his 0;FebruaryR; mixtape including a free-form over Big L’s “Ebonics.”

Papoose accompanied some dismal news recently when he declared that he would be resigning from rap. At the point when melodious specialists aren’t overwhelming the game as they used to be, Pap is here to make up for in the shortfall with smooth pleasantry and strong generally bars. This week, the rapper got back with his mixtape February. The rapper’s most recent collection of work is a nine-track exertion where he simply snaps over creation, demonstrating that he’s one of the most delightful to at any point contact a mic. He even contacts Big L’s “Ebonics” beat and offers a strong update proper for 2021.

Look at the most recent from Papoose beneath.

  1. Sticks & Stones
  2. Ebonics 2021
  3. What Happened
  4. Sneaky Bodies
  5. Invincible Black Love
  6. Father Confessional
  7. Don’t Belong Here
  8. Store Run
  9. Cereal Killer