Nyck Caution – Anywhere But Here

Nyck Caution - Anywhere But Here

The 14-track collection shows up days after he conveyed his “Awful Days” single including Curry.

Adding to his developing rundown of collection discharges is New York’s who is back with another undertaking. Recently, the Brooklyn rapper shared his Denzel Curry-helped banger “Terrible Day,” and on Friday (January 14), Caution got back with his full collection, Anywhere But Here. Before the collection’s delivery, Caution joined his companions and fans for a virtual delivery party where he talked about different parts of making the undertaking. He expressed that the craft of narrating was turning into an under-appreciated skill and he needed to ensure that he proceeded with the type of lyricism that Hip Hop is known, and adored, for.

Extra looks on the record incorporate highlights from Joey Bada$$, GASHI, Elbee Thrie, Maverick Saber, Alex Mali, KOTA The Friend, Erick Arc Elliott, CJ Fly, Jake Luttrell, and TheMIND. Stream Nyck Caution’s Anywhere But Here and drop your considerations in the remarks.


1. December 24th (ft. Elbee Thrie)
2. Anywhere But Here (ft. Maverick Sabre & Alex Mali)
3. Motion Sickness
4. Vin Skit #1
5. How You Live It (ft. Joey Bada$$)
6. What You Want (ft. GASHI)
7. Dirt On Your Name
8. Vin Skit #2
9. Bad Day (ft. Denzel Curry)
0. Coat Check/Session 47
11. Product of My Environment (ft. KOTA The Friend & Erick Arc Elliott)
12. Things Could Be Worse (feat. CJ Fly & Jake Luttrell)
13. Something To Remember Me By (ft. TheMIND)
14. Kids That Wish

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