New Album: Eminem – The Eminem Show


New Album: Eminem - The Eminem Show

Eminem, the legendary wordsmith, triumphantly unveils his latest masterpiece, aptly titled “The Eminem Show.” This audacious album is a symphony of raw emotions and unfiltered storytelling, capturing the essence of the human experience with unparalleled artistry.

Eminem’s lyrical prowess takes center stage, as he fearlessly delves into personal struggles, societal critique, and introspection. With each track, he paints vivid pictures that resonate deep within the listener’s soul, leaving an indelible mark. “The Eminem Show” is a testament to the enduring brilliance of an icon, cementing Eminem’s status as an unrivaled force in the music industry. Brace yourself for an extraordinary musical journey that defies conventions and demands attention.

1 Curtains Up (Skit) 0:29
2 White America 5:24
3 Business 4:11
4 Cleanin Out My Closet

Producer – Jeff Bass
5 Square Dance 5:23
6 The Kiss (Skit) 1:15
7 Soldier 3:46
8 Say Goodbye Hollywood 4:32
9 Drips

Featuring – Obie Trice
10 Without Me 4:50
11 Paul Rosenberg (Skit) 0:22
12 Sing For The Moment 5:39
13 Superman

Featuring – Dina Rae
14 Hailie’s Song 5:20
15 Steve Berman (Skit) 0:33
16 When The Music Stops

Co-producer – Denaun Porter
Featuring – D12
17 Say What You Say

Featuring – Dr. Dre
18 ‘Till I Collapse

Featuring – Nate Dogg
19 My Dad’s Gone Crazy

Featuring – Hailie Jade
20 Curtains Close (Skit) 1:01

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