Murda Beatz & Shordie Shordie – Memory Lane


Murda Beatz Lane Album Download

Subsequent to dropping a few singles from the record, the rapper-maker pair at last convey their 12-track project.

The rollout to the arrival of Memory Lane has been an effortless one. In the same way as other maker rapper matches that have preceded them, Murda Beatz and Shordie Shoride met up for an undertaking that fans have been getting a charge out of pieces of in the course of the most recent couple of months. They’ve just shared a few singles including “Love” and “Specialists,” and now fans can hear what Murda and Shordie have been chipping away at in its entirety.

“Memory Lane. It takes us back. It returns us to recollections or genuine music,” Shordie told Uproxx. “Since I been imagining brother and hearing brother talk. It takes me back to genuine music. It takes me back to not actually thinking often about streaming, not actually thinking often about who got higher status this week. Nah, genuine music. Push out genuine music to the point that individuals don’t have no alternate method to float towards it. They don’t have a decision yet to float towards it.”

The venture has just one component from Trippie Redd. Stream Memory Lane and offer your contemplations.


1. Khalil Story
2. Same N*ggas
3. Stuck in Between
5. Moral to the Story
6. Seattle
7. LOVE (feat. Trippie Redd)
8. Good Evening
9. No Jewelry
10. Close to Me
11. Networth
12. Ride with Shordie