Mick Jenkins – “The Patience” (Deluxe Edition) [Album]

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Mick Jenkins -
Mick Jenkins – “The Patience” (Deluxe Edition) [Album]

Renowned music virtuoso Mick Jenkins unveils the much-anticipated “The Patience” (Deluxe Edition) album, an auditory masterpiece that transcends boundaries.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of meticulously crafted tracks that showcase Jenkins’ unparalleled artistry.

From soulful rhythms to thought-provoking lyricism, this deluxe edition encapsulates a sonic journey like no other. Jenkins’ evocative storytelling takes center stage, weaving tales of introspection and resilience.

The album is a testament to his musical prowess, fusing genres seamlessly and delivering a sonic experience that resonates with authenticity.

Fans and music enthusiasts alike are invited to delve into the diverse soundscape meticulously curated by this maestro.

“The Patience” (Deluxe Edition) stands as a testament to Jenkins’ enduring legacy in the music realm, a must-listen for those seeking an immersive and transformative musical odyssey.

The Patience (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

  1. Michelin Star
  2. Show & Tell (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
  3. Sitting Ducks (feat. Benny The Butcher)
  4. Smoke Break-Dance (feat. JID)
  5. 007
  6. 2004
  7. Roy G. Biv
  8. Pasta
  9. Farm to Table (feat. VIC MENSA)
  10. Guapanese
  11. Mop
  12. 2011
  13. Perm
  14. Michelin Star (Instrumental)
  15. Show & Tell (Instrumental)
  16. Sitting Ducks (Instrumental)
  17. Smoke Break-Dance (Instrumental)
  18. 007 (Instrumental)
  19. 2004 (Instrumental)
  20. Roy G. Biv (Instrumental)
  21. Pasta (Instrumental)
  22. Farm to Table (Instrumental)
  23. Guapanese (Instrumental)
  24. Mop (Instrumental)

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