Lucki – Almost Woke

LUCKI comes through with another two-pack EP “Practically Woke,̶; a promising indication of what’s to come.

LUCKI has been productive in his own specific manner, consistently expanding on his discography with a generally predictable melodic yield. Today, that yield extends with the arrival of his new two-pack drop Almost Woke, an EP that includes a couple of tracks in “LifestyleBrazy” and “No Joke.” While more like a solitary than an EP, what with an all out runtime of four minutes, it’s a strong look into the rapper’s present melodic headspace.

Opener “LifestyleBrazy” discovers LUCKI taking to a melancholic beat by Brent Rambo, who prepares a serious piano circle and some lo-fi percussion. Despite the fact that he doesn’t stay for a really , LUCKI takes advantage of his experience with a protracted refrain, his laid-back style mixing successfully with the downplayed creation. “Who this on my telephone? Deal with these cultivators like 12, continue to go over the cutoff, I’vðµ been purchasing pints from Zelle,” he raps. “Covered out for his imagðµ, name put him on the rack/Lifestyle brazy, way of life pay me/Ain’t got crap to show, say he humble like he Jay-Z.”

Next up is “Serious stuff,” a more uptempo partner – however even LUCKI’s livelier drops are still generally laid back. Over a spacey instrumental by Plu20 Nash, Lucki lets fly a speedy stream as he flexes in his own extraordinary manner. “Ni*gas resemble screw Tunðµ like Gillie,” he raps. “Ni**as be fanatics of me, they envy/Get that feeling poop for my mom/I’m as yet a weirdo with a semi.”

Brief however it very well might be, it’s as yet a strong drop from LUCKI and a promising indication of what might be on the horizon. Look out for his best course of action, whatever that might be.