Kevo Muney – Lucille’s Grandson

Kevo Muney - Lucille's Grandson

Kevo Muney gets back with a 1-track project highlighting NLE Choppa and Lil Durk.

Kevo Muney has been taking enormous actions for himself since the time he came through with Baby G.O.A.T back in 2019. The cover craftsmanship for the collection got a many individuals off guard once they delved into the , they immediately acknowledged they were tuning in to a bonehead craftsman from Memphis with a lot of songwriting slashes. Throughout the long term, he has built up his sound, and now, he is back with an entirely different undertaking called Lucille’s Grandson.

This new collection is 14-tracks and 39 minutes long which makes it an edible piece of craftsmanship that is loaded with content. Kevo Muney delves into his own encounters and comes through with tracks that will have you drawn in from start to finish. He even has highlights from NLE Choppa and Lil Durk which assists with mixing it up all through the task.

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1. Happiness From Within
2. All He Know Is Pain
3. Leave Some Day
4. Greatest Youngin
5. Uncle Charlie
6. I Got Feelings
7. Sell Out (ft. NLE Choppa)
8. I’m Golden
9. No Chill Spot
10. Smile When They Come
11. 3 In A Row
12. All Me
13. One Bad Choice
14. Leave Some Day (ft. Lil Durk)