Jimmy Hu$tle – Dumb Hustle II: Still Dumb

Jimmy Hu$tle - Dumb Hustle II: Still Dumb

The hustle proceeds.

Los Angeles rapper Jimmy Hu$tle is back with the second serving of his Dumb Hustle arrangement. Moronic Hustle II: Still Dumb is an astounding blend of hip-jump, soul, and trap that rides the line between road music and importance. Running for 11 tracks, Dumb Hustle II: Still Dumb highlights visitor appearances from Rhett George, A Smxth, Fly Boi Mall, So Ez, and Fedarro.

Jimmy regularly utilizes a rough loosened up resonance that entrances audience members into a feeling of simplicity. Tracks “Large Things” and “Major” give fans a greater amount of those chill vibes while “We should Go” and “STILL DUMB” inhale some transform up energy into what is generally an extremely laid-sponsored project. Idiotic Hustle II: Still Dumb discovers its solidarity in heartfelt creation, however in some cases Hu$tle’s bars crash and behind the instrumentals. Go stream Dumb Hustle II: Still Dumb wherever now and let us understand your opinion beneath!