Jim Jones – “Byrdgang 2.0” [Album]

Jim Jones - “Byrdgang 2.0” [Album]
Jim Jones – “Byrdgang 2.0” [Album]

Renowned music producer, Jim Jones, unveils his latest masterpiece, “Byrdgang 2.0,” introducing a captivating ensemble of underground rap talents. Jones, celebrated in the industry for his innovative production wizardry, has orchestrated a symphony of sound that brings the hidden gems of hip-hop into the limelight.

“Byrdgang 2.0” is a mesmerizing journey through the underbelly of the rap scene, with a lineup of fresh, unapologetic voices that promise to redefine the genre. This album is a testament to Jones’s uncanny ability to curate talent and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of music.

As you delve into the tracks, you’ll discover a spectrum of styles, from raw lyrical prowess to melodic hooks that stay with you long after the music ends. The underground rap movement is alive and well, and “Byrdgang 2.0” stands as a testament to the enduring power of musical exploration.

Indulge your senses, ride the sonic waves, and experience the future of rap. Discover “Byrdgang 2.0” now and share this auditory masterpiece with the world.

Jim Jones Presents Byrdgang 2.0 Tracklist:

  1. Intro (Screaming Byrdgang) with Dyce Payso, YellowTapee, Keen Streetz
  2. Wheel Of Fortune with Dyce Payso, Keen Streetz
  3. Get Money with Dyce Payso, Keen Streetz
  4. FaceTime with Byrd Gang, Capella Grey, Dyce Payso, DramaB2R
  5. Blowing Money with Dyce Pays, Keen Streetz
  6. Ooter Prayer with 34Zeussy, Keen Streetz, Dyce Payso, G Mims
  7. Don Julio with Dyce Payso, Melii
  8. Air Sumthin with 34Zeussy, Dilla Illa
  9. Big Flexin with Tommyboyfame, Fivio Foreign
  10. In The Kitchen with Shoota93
  11. Plug Next Door with Dyce Payso, Keen Streetz, DramaB2R
  12. Ain’t Talkin with Litty City, G Mims, YellowTappee
  13. Warzone with 34Zeussy, Dilla Illa
  14. Duckin Smoke with No ID, YellowTapee, Lord Ju
  15. Back Then with Ditta, Mr Chicken
  16. BG with AlleyCat TheRapper, Dyce Payso

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