.Jayy Grams – G.R.A.M.S

.Jayy Grams - G.R.A.M.S

drops off his most recent collection of work, “G.R.A.M.S.”

Jayy Grams has been a consistent grade over the previous year. The arrival of 2020R;s Every Gram Counts set his name up for life yet his ensuing endeavors, incorporating his collective undertaking with Smoke Dza Nym Lo, have notified everybody. Unmistakably, he’s been occupied for the current year yet he’s back in real life with his shiny new performance project, G.R.A.M.S. The rapper enrolls both Smoke DZA and Nym Lo on the tracklist, however he holds down most of the venture all alone. It’s 10 tunes long with a run-season of a little under 30 minutes.

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