Jacob Banks – Parade

Jacob Banks - Parade

offers his new eight-track creation, 0;For My Friends.”

Nigerian-conceived, UK-based artist Jacob Banks was generally lowkey all through 2020 except for a couple of singles. The vocalist offered his joint effort with Grace Carter, “Fault” just as “Like You’ll Never See Me…” yet it’s been almost a long time since his last task and fans have been anxious to hear another collection of work.

This weekend, he slid through with a short exertion that he’s been working on all through the pandemic named, For My Friends. The eight-track EP was made with his long-lasting partner Sillkey distantly while Yakob, Sam De Jong, Spencer Stewart and Jonah Christian likewise helped with assembling the venture.

As we anticipate the arrival of his development to 2018’s Village, his most recent undertaking should give a feeling of where his heads at nowadays. Press play beneath.