Isaiah Rashad – “Cilvia Demo – Spotify Ten – 10th Anniversary” [Album]

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Isaiah Rashad -
Isaiah Rashad – “Cilvia Demo – Spotify Ten – 10th Anniversary” [Album]

Renowned hip-hop virtuoso, Isaiah Rashad, commemorates the 10th anniversary of his groundbreaking “Cilvia Demo” album with an exclusive release on Spotify.

In this milestone celebration, Rashad invites fans to revisit the timeless tracks that shaped a decade of musical innovation.

The “Cilvia Demo – Spotify Ten” edition presents a curated selection of Rashad’s signature sound, blending introspective lyrics with captivating beats.

Dive into a sonic journey that encapsulates the evolution of Rashad’s artistry over the past ten years.

This special anniversary release not only pays homage to the artist’s influential debut but also highlights the continued impact of his musical legacy.

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic prowess of Isaiah Rashad as he invites listeners to relish in a decade of musical excellence.

Cilvia Demo – Spotify Ten – 10th Anniversary Tracklist:

  1. Menthol (Live) – Spotify Ten Version
  2. Rip Kevin Miller (Live) – Spotify Ten Version
  3. Shot You Down (Live) – Spotify Ten Version
  4. Heavenly Father (Live) – Spotify Ten Version

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