Evilgiane – “#HEAVENSGATE” (VOL. 1) [Album]

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Evilgiane -
Evilgiane – “#HEAVENSGATE” (VOL. 1) [Album]

Renowned musical sensation Evilgiane unveils a mesmerizing auditory journey with the highly anticipated release of “#HEAVENSGATE” (VOL. 1) – a groundbreaking album that transcends musical boundaries.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of captivating beats and soulful melodies as Evilgiane showcases unparalleled artistry and innovation.

This musical odyssey invites listeners into a realm where creativity knows no limits, delivering an electrifying fusion of genres that redefine contemporary soundscapes.

The album, a testament to Evilgiane’s mastery, promises an unforgettable experience for avid music enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Brace yourself for an immersive sonic adventure that elevates the senses – “#HEAVENSGATE” (VOL. 1) is now available for your listening pleasure.

Indulge in the magic of musical brilliance; press play and let the enchantment begin.

#HEAVENSGATE (VOL. 1) Tracklist:

  1. LAND (feat. JDN & SHAD)
  2. INFORMANTS (feat. Slimesito)
  3. WHAT SHES HAVING (feat. LUCY (Cooper B. Handy)) )
  4. DREAM IT (feat. JDN & Harto Falión)
  5. PSA (feat. JDN)
  6. IDK NUN (feat. Bear1boss)
  7. UGLY PRETTY (feat. Harto Falión)
  8. STARBURST (feat. N.A.O Quelly & 454)
  9. SNOWFLAKE (feat. K$upreme)
  10. BRANDY (feat. FLEE)
  11. SHOOTAZ (feat. Dee Aura)
  12. TALKING TO A WALL (feat. Harto Falión)
  13. PAP SHIESTY (feat. Rx Papi)
  14. LIL WAYNE (feat. K$upreme & Slimesito)
  15. DIGITAL (feat. K$upreme)
  16. 141 (feat. Harto Falión, Nolanberollin & EERA)
  17. SIP SIP (feat. 03 Greedo)
  18. BEEN DA WAVE (feat. feat. 03 Greedo & EERA)
  19. BASIC (feat. Anycia & Robb Bank$)
  20. 40 (feat. xaviersobased & Nettspend)
  21. 2 GUNS (feat. Smoove Dinero)
  22. CROWD SURF (feat. Dee Aura)
  23. GLAMOROUS (feat. Durkalini & Woesum)

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