Da Real Motive – Midnight Spirit EP

Da Real Motive – Midnight Spirit EP

Introducing the soul-stirring masterpiece that has graced our auditory senses: Da Real Motive’s enchanting creation, the Midnight Spirit EP. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical journey unlike any other, as this mesmerizing collection of tracks transports you to a realm where melodies weave their magic, captivating your every thought.

With each note delicately crafted, Da Real Motive showcases their exceptional talent for fusing diverse genres into a harmonious symphony that ignites the very essence of our souls. The Midnight Spirit EP is a testament to the artistry of this extraordinary artist, pushing boundaries and breaking free from conventional norms. Immerse yourself in the transcendent soundscape below and experience the true essence of Da Real Motive’s musical prowess.

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  1. Da Real Motive – Spirits At Midnight
  2. Da Real Motive – Grave Yard 05 (MTdeep Underground Remix)
  3. Da Real Motive – Blue Lagoon (Sysco Deep)
  4. Da Real Motive – Cold Notes (Nostalgic Mix)
  5. Da Real Motive – Kist of Spirits (Radio Mix)


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