ALBUM: SuperKnova – superuniverse


ALBUM REVIEW: SuperKnova’s “superuniverse” Takes Us on a Cosmic Sonic Journey

Prepare to embark on a mind-bending odyssey with SuperKnova’s latest masterpiece, “superuniverse.” This visionary musical voyage transcends boundaries, enveloping listeners in a kaleidoscope of ethereal sounds and captivating lyrics. SuperKnova’s bold experimentation with genre fusion transports us to a realm where pop, rock, and electronic harmoniously collide. From the cosmic pulsations of the opening track to the introspective melodies that follow, “superuniverse” paints a vivid sonic landscape that demands exploration. SuperKnova’s soul-stirring vocals soar effortlessly, leaving an indelible mark on the very fabric of our being. This album is a testament to the artist’s visionary brilliance, firmly establishing SuperKnova as a cosmic force in the music industry. Immerse yourself in “superuniverse” and prepare to be transported to new musical frontiers.

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SuperKnova superuniverse Album Tracklist

  1. Later
  2. Cruel World
  3. Make Me Feel
  4. Pixie Dust
  5. Hyperdome
  6. Vapor Trails
  7. Islands
  8. Santa Fe


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