Album: Popp Hunna – Mud Baby


Album: Popp Hunna - Mud Baby

Philly Hip Hop artist Popp Hunna has shown up with his latest project, Mud Baby. Running for ten tracks, Mud Baby features appearances from Lil Uzi Vert, Toosii, and Petty Level. Obviously, the project contains some notable hits like “Adderall,” which gets a Uzi remix. But there are additionally new tracks to keep the fans feeling new. Fun, shallow, and addictive, Mud Baby is a strong piece that merits your attention.

The project is loaded up with trap knockers, just easing back down momentarily for tunes like “Teenage Love.” Hunna’s style is fundamentally the same as Uzi’s, although less refined. Mud Baby is a cool project for the rapper, and we plan to see his growth and talent take him to a level like that of his kindred Philly artists like Uzi and Meek. You can stream Mud Baby wherever now, and let us know beneath how you feel about the project.