Album: Jonatan Leandoer – BlodHundar & Lullabies


Album: Jonatan Leandoer - BlodHundar & Lullabies

To begin things off, nothing on BlodHundar and Lullabies seems like anything you’re use to — fail to remember “Ginseng Strip 2002” or “Hoover” Yung Lean for a second and drench yourself totally in Jonatan Leandoer for this one. Hip-bounce and emotional snare assume a lower priority in relation to the vibe this time around, which chooses more non mainstream rock and elective vibes all through.

In the event that you can tune your melodic palette off rap for a moment, this collection is shockingly interesting and organized with astounding subtlety. The rule sound is more Radiohead than Roddy Richh, yet at the same time epitomizes the “tragic boyz” persona that Lean has made a column to his creation. In the event that you need something to back you off for the finish of 2020, we’d strongly suggest giving this new side of Yung Lean an opportunity.

Generally, the response you’ll have to his more melodic, acoustic-driven material may even shock you by the amount you wind up shaking with it.

Listen below.


1. “In The Way”
2. “Vår Sång”
3. “Snake Ice”
4. “Colours of Tomorrow”
5. “My City”
6. “Skyskrapa”
7. “Highway”
8. “Break It Down”
9. “Radio Lean”
10. “Som Du”
11. “Machines”
12. “Sweet 17”
13. “Evil”
14. “Vitriol”
15. “Blommor I Min Mun”
16. “Epiphany”

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