ALBUM: Dream Wife – Social Lubrication

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ALBUM: Dream Wife – Social Lubrication

Dream Wife – Social Lubrication Album Download

Title: Dream Wife’s “Social Lubrication” Album: A Fiery Blend of Liberation and Sonic Ecstasy

Immerse yourself in the sensational musical landscape of Dream Wife’s latest masterpiece, “Social Lubrication.” This transformative album catapults you into a universe where unapologetic energy meets sonic innovation. Brimming with raw authenticity and rebellious spirit, Dream Wife flawlessly captures the essence of liberation through their infectiously catchy melodies and unyielding lyrical prowess.

“Social Lubrication” is a kaleidoscope of genres, seamlessly blending elements of punk, indie rock, and pop to create an exhilarating sonic journey. Each track is a vivid snapshot of the band’s uninhibited creativity, sparking a fire within listeners and igniting their passion for audacious self-expression.

Dive into Dream Wife’s riveting composition and let their music become the catalyst for your own personal revolution. Download and share the album below to revel in the revolutionary soundscape that is “Social Lubrication.” Let your soul be drenched in its incendiary brilliance, and join the ranks of those embracing this remarkable work of art.

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Dream Wife – Social Lubrication Lyrics and Tracklist

  1. Kick In the Teeth
  2. Who Do You Wanna Be?
  3. Hot (Don’t Date a Musician)
  4. Social Lubrication
  5. Mascara
  6. Leech
  7. I Want You
  8. Curious
  9. Honestly
  10. Orbit

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