6 Dogs – RONALD

6 Dogs - RONALD

6 Dogs7; family shares the underground rapper17;s new after death collection “RONALD”.

6 Dogs was revered by underground rap fans. The late 21-year-old Atlanta-based craftsman had quite recently finished work on his most recent studio collection RONALD, initially named Wavebuilder’s Club, choosing to change the title to his given name before he died. Known to his fans by his center name Chase, 6 Dogs ended his own life toward the start of this current year, completely conveying his new collection prior to passing. The collection you’re hearing today is by and large it was proposed to be heard by Chase, with the entirety of the singles, music recordings, cover craftsmanship, and really fitting directly into the craftsman’s vision.

RONALD was gone before by the “Starfire (Teen )” and “Sea shore House” singles. The twelve-track collection is formally accessible now with highlights from RIZ LA VIE and Tahj Keeton.

“We are here to help one another and we’re here to change the world,” said 6 Dogs in a meeting with Pigeons and Planes, which was distributed for the current week. “It’s grasp time. There’s a great deal of terrible stuff going on, but on the other hand there’s a ton of good individuals doing a ton of beneficial things. I for one think that energy is such a great deal more grounded.”

Tune in to 6 Dogs’ first post mortem collection RONALD beneath. 6 Dogs Forever.


1. When I Was A Baby
2. Beach House (feat. RIZ LA VIE)
3. Tesla Tesla
4. Post Malone (feat. RIZ LA VIE)
5. Starfire (Teen Titans)
6. Interstellar (feat. Tahj Keeton)
7. Genie in a Bottle
8. Indigo Daydream (feat. Tahj Keeton)
9. Spy Kids
10. Time Machine
11. The Dash (Mindframes)
12. Good Wings